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Make your clients happier and boost your sales with Space Designer 3D

Include your clients into the design process

3D Floor Plan on a Computer FinancesOnline Labels

Give customers an easy-to-use tool that transforms their ideas into reality and encourages them to include your products in their interior design.
Let your users start faster with a template design and adapt it to their vision and budget.
Help your customers choose among options with “Design Assistants” - custom-designed interfaces for each product. Design assistants can include several parameters such as dimensions, finishes, colors, accessories, extensions and styles.
Follow your customers’ progress online in real-time and provide them assistance and tips as they are drawing.

Convert your products into high-impact 3D objects

3D Furniture available on Space Designer 3D

With Space Designer 3D, you have total control of the product catalog which the user has access to. You can organize it at any time to highlight some products.

Integrate into your website, customize, rebrand

2D Floor Plan View of Space Designer 3D

Space Designer 3D's graphical interface is highly customizable to be consistent with your visual identity.
Its modular structure allows activating only the features that are useful to you but also adding new ones to make a difference in the market: integrating your logo, colour palette, preferences or catalog has never been easier.
You will collaborate directly with our expert designers and product developers to get the best out of Space Designer 3D.

Cloud-based for easy access – anytime, anywhere

Space Designer 3D showing a 3D Floor Plan on Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone

Space Designer 3D requires no plugin installation and hosts your 3D projects in the cloud. You can make presentations anytime and anywhere with a standard desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Produce detailed quantity and cost estimates

Living Room Design

Space Designer 3D provides a configurable summary quote with one click including complex cost elements.
Space Designer 3D can also be connected to e-commerce systems (such as Magento) to accelerate the sales process.

Find out how Space Designer 3D can help your company

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